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Whitman County Republican Central Committee’s mission is to elect and retain Republicans at the Local, State and National levels. We stand for smaller government, lower taxes, free enterprise, greater personal responsibility, family values, elimination of abortion, high moral and ethical standards, elimination of wealth transfers, and a strong national defense.

The Committee condemns bigotry, racism, antisemitism, ethnic prejudice, religious intolerance and violence. Therefore, we oppose discrimination based on identity, race, sex, religion, creed, disability, or national origin and support statutes to end such discrimination.

We have no tolerance for white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, the KKK, identity political groups, and extremist groups. As the Party of Abraham Lincoln, Republicans strive to continue to foster solutions to America’s difficult challenges when it comes to race relations today.

We are committed to supporting the people of Whitman County and respect all residents regardless of their nationality, race, or political affiliation. We believe Whitman County should be a place of opportunity where people who work hard and abide by just and equally applied laws can pursue their own dreams with a reasonable expectation of success.

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P.O. Box 203, Pullman, WA 99163

(509) 255-3512

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